City Hall school visit in the Map room

City Hall educational visits

Visiting City Hall

Visits to City Hall offer students a unique opportunity to learn about their city and how it is run. They will be within the home of London’s regional government.

Visits are designed to:

  • enthuse Londoners about their city, through our fascinating history and unique place on the national and global stage
  • explain the roles and responsibilities of the Greater London Authority, the Mayor of London and the London Assembly
  • develop an understanding of different political viewpoints and an appreciation of the importance of voting
  • use contemporary issues to bring the policy-making process to life
  • give visitors confidence and encourage them to engage in political debates
  • encourage visitors to actively engage with City Hall

Education visits are suitable for all school groups: key stage 2 and above, colleges, universities and other London groups.

Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee a tour of City Hall as part of the visit. Access to different areas of the building depends on which meetings and events are taking place on the day.



September - Low

October - Low

November - Good

December - Low


January - Good

February - Good

March - Good

April - Good

May - Medium

June - Good

July - Good