Crowdfund London: Create. Fund. Launch.

Hear from the Mayor of London

Have you got an idea to make your local area even better?

You could receive a Mayoral pledge of up to £50,000 for your project, then you’ll crowdfund the rest.

We're working with crowdfunding platform Spacehive, where you can pitch your project, big and small and it could receive up to £50,000 from the Mayor.

Get inspired by looking at the amazing projects we've funded so far or read our Crowdfund London stories.

How does Crowdfund London work?

There are 6 simple stages

  1. Prepare: learn about the kinds of projects we are looking to fund, eligibility and key dates. You can also come to one of our workshops too.
  2. Create your project page on Spacehive: this is where you explain the vision of your project to us and the rest of the crowd. Do this early so you can get help from Spacehive too.
  3. Pitch to our fund: To pitch for a pledge from the Mayor, you'll need to answer some questions and send some evidence to show eligibility and deliverability of your project. You need to complete your pitch by 5 June 2017.
  4. Get verified: Before you start fundraising, you'll need to submit your project for verification before 5 June 2017, otherwise no one can pledge to your project.
  5. Start crowdfunding: Get as many people as possible to show support by making a pledge, it not just about how much you raise but also the number of community backers you have. 19th June 2017 is the latest date you can start crowdfunding.
  6. Make it happen! If you hit your target, you'll need to deliver your project before end of March 2018.

Anyone can do this; bring unloved spaces back to life.

Three things you need to know

We are really open minded to different types of ideas but projects must be:

  • in Greater London
  • well resourced with a clear plan and budget
  • managed by an organisation representing a local community


We will not fund:

  • local services (such as those under pressure from constraints to public spending)
  • proposals that could be equally applicable anywhere (such as Christmas lights) 
  • 'business as usual' activity (such as normal maintenance or repairs or projects that only seek to continue existing activities)
Prepare: types of projects we're looking to fund

We want to pledge projects that:

  • celebrate and strengthen the special character of your area
  • respond to a local challenge or opportunity in a creative way
  • give an unused space a new lease of life
  • help the local economy
  • give local people lasting skills and opportunities
  • make everyone in the community feel welcome and involved
  • attract strong support from the community - shown through a spirited crowdfunding campaign and other evidence
  • are environmentally sustainable

We're looking for ideas that show innovation and enterprise and aspire to achieve a wider social good.

Learn more about how we decide which projects to fund.

  • sign up to get the latest Crowdfund London news and information
  • attend one of our events to find out all you need to know to take part
  • get inspiration and read blogs about projects the Mayor has funded

For any other information contact us.

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