Children and healthy eating

Tackling London's health inequalities

Health inequalities are differences in people's health and well-being. People's health can be affected by many things, including:

  • their childhood
  • the environment around where they live
  • whether they are working and how much they earn
  • their education
  • their lifestyle 

As a result of all these differences, some babies born in London today can expect to live for years longer than others.

What social and economic factors affect our health?

This animation illustrates some of the differences in the health and well-being of Londoners - developed by the Greater London Authority (GLA), Public Health England (PHE) and other stakeholders.

The Mayor's manifesto promises to take action to tackle these differences in the health of Londoners, including plans to:

  • work to address the spread of infectious diseases (TB and HIV)
  • promote healthy lifestyles to hard-to-reach groups
  • tackle mental health stigma