Supporting the London Festival of Architecture

In March 2017 a research paper by the Mayor's Intelligence team revealed:

  • London’s architecture sector produced £1.7 billion for the economy in 2015. 
  • There were approximately 22,800 jobs in London’s architecture sector in 2015. One-in-four jobs in the UK’s architecture sector were based in London.
  • Architecture adds to London’s international competitiveness. For instance, around a third of the total number of jobs in London’s architecture sector were taken by non-UK nationals in 2015. 

We're proud to sponsor and help deliver the London Festival of Architecture, a city-wide celebration of architectural experimentation, thinking and practice. 

What is the London Festival of Architecture?

An annual city-wide celebration of architecture and architectural talent in London, which takes place throughout June.

It brings architects and communities together to examine how to make our city a better place. It highlights the unique pool of creative talent that London has to offer and promotes London as a leading international centre of learning and creativity.

The 2017 theme of 'Memory' explores how London is a city of layers, each infused with memory: of people, buildings, places and experiences. London’s built environment, with memories bound up within it, is fundamental to how people experience the city. 

For further information please visit the London Festival of Architecture website.